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#About the Geneva Trade Platform
The Geneva Trade Platform
Works to address challenges to international trade policymaking by:
  • Convening diverse stakeholders
  • Simplifying and informing through the creation, curation and translation of research and briefings
  • Promoting and incubating novel solutions
  • Empowering trade actors through technical assistance and capacity building support
Based within the Geneva Graduate Institute’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration, the GTP leverages the convening power of the University, the support of donors, open partnerships and a relentlessly needs driven approach.
To help get trade policy right, the Geneva Trade
Platform (GTP) supports:
  1. Improve the inclusivity and accessibility of the trade policy discussion in Geneva, and around the world
  2. Strengthen collaboration between the trade policy community and the policy communities trade impacts
  3. Support policymakers, negotiators and innovative projects by delivering the forums, information, incubation space and technical assistance they demand
  4. Enhance Geneva's potential as the global hub of trade governance
Housed within the Geneva Graduate Institute’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration, we operate with a small secretariat to bring the resources and convening power of the Institute together with donor funds to address challenges to the international trade policy conversation.
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The GTP delivers on its mission through four types of activity:
  • Providing a neutral space for frank exchanges on trade policy
  • Bringing stakeholders rarely seen together into the same space to break down the silos separating the trade policy community from business, civil society, and other policy communities
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  • Translating trade policy developments for a broader audience
  • Commissioning carefully targeted, easily digestible, and outcome-oriented research in direct response to specific needs identified by negotiators, policymakers and interested stakeholders.
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  • Helping innovative projects from smaller organizations attract donor support by lending the resources and stability of the Graduate Institute.
  • Providing hacking spaces for radical solutions to address trade policy challenges.
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  • Supporting recipients, most notably developing country delegates, officials, civil society leaders and entrepreneurs with accessible capacity building packages tailored to their needs.
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Thematically, the Geneva Trade Platform offers a broad tent responsive to needs and available resources. Initially its work is arranged around three themes:
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