A neutral and engaged player, the Geneva Trade Platform brings policymakers, academics and stakeholders of all types together across the borders of countries, political divides and policy communities.

Our goal is to bring the right people together in the right format and at the right time to address concrete challenges.

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Examples of the work envisaged under the Geneva Trade Platform Connect Pillar include:
  1. Large conferences and meetings designed to elevate the public profile of critical issues and provide a platform for organizations and thought leaders who might otherwise struggle to break into the trade conversation.
  2. Sessions to present important new findings or research, with a clear emphasis on drawing out their policy implications and direct relevance to ongoing negotiations or policy formulation work.
  3. Small group meetings between policymakers across the political landscape to share candid reflections and improve mutual understanding
  4. Informal brown bag lunches bringing the trade community in Geneva together with representatives from organizations, communities and fields they don't normally interact with.