Trade and Sustainability
The Geneva Trade Platform sustainability theme supports policy discussions on how to make trade and trade policies work for a sustainable future that leaves no one behind. As in all the GTP's work, a core goal is broaden the diversity of the conversation and the information ecosystem feeding into it, bridging the gap between trade policymakers, stakeholders, activists, the private sector and international actors working on sustainability issues. In 2021, the Graduate Institute and UN Environment Programme (UNEP) are launching a new joint initiative, the Forum on Trade, Environment and the SDGs (TESS), which will be housed at the Geneva Trade Platform. Through this partnership, TESS will work to align trade and trade policy with the urgent need for global action on the intersecting crises of climate, nature and pollution, informed by the need for progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To advance this mission, TESS aims to catalyse inclusive, evidence-based, and action-oriented dialogue on trade and sustainability at the multilateral level, drawing on perspectives and expertise of a diversity of international stakeholders, with a focus on engaging developing countries and building capacities of their stakeholders.
The Trade and Sustainability theme works to support policy dialogue and action on topics including:
  • Climate change
  • Circular economy and sustainable production
  • Plastic pollution
  • Trade in environmental goods and services
  • Biodiversity and natural resources
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Greening Aid for Trade and trade finance.