Tempting the US back into the Multilateral Game
Organized by:
The Geneva Trade Platform
Virtual Meeting (Zoom)
16 Dec 2020
Start time:

Core Trade Issues


Multilateralism is broken, and fixing it will require US cooperation. On the trade front, the election of Joe Biden offers an opportunity to reengage the US, but no guarantees of success. Multilateralism’s champions, from Ottawa to Tokyo, must be proactive in seizing the reset, offering constructive and pragmatic initiatives that strengthen multilateralism in ways that align with US priorities without crossing the sensitive red lines of others.

This event seeks to launch a global conversation on what such initiatives might be, what they must look like in order to progress, and how the supporters of a robust multilateral order can work collaboratively to advance them.


  • Anabel Gonzalez, Nonresident Senior Fellow at PIIE & host of Trade Winds
  • Chad Bown, Reginald Jones Senior Fellow at Peterson Institute for International Economics and Co-Host of Trade Talks
  • Richard Baldwin, Professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute, Geneva
  • (Moderator) Dmitry Grozoubinski, Executive Director of the Geneva Trade Platform